Sunday 6 July 2008

1993 August - Zooropa Glasgow Two

Next day we skipped breakfast in favour of longer in bed - we'd not got back to our accommodation complete with early hours pizza until 3am. This touring is hard work!

Dianne looked out of the window down onto the quiet Sunday streets of Glasgow and said, "Red light, grey morning", I glanced out too and so it was, just like in the song. We explored Glasgow a little and had something to eat before heading towards Celtic Park. We got into what seemed like an enormous queue but after the doors opened we were soon inside, thanks to the excellent Scottish organisation once more.

This show was good, but for me not as good as the previous night, Bono seemed a little distracted and seemed to get very upset by the Sarajevo broadcast which was very moving, a mother talking about her son who was somewhere in the audience. I think it affected him emotionally and he wasn't able to shake it off. He also wasn't quite into MacPhisto either, he didn't keep the posh English accent up as well as he usually does.

Zooropa was premiered that night though unfortunately it was a mess. As Bono said, "It's great writing the songs, then recording them, but then you've got to learn how to play the fucking things!"

It was an ok show, but for me nothing like the previous night. We headed off home to my place straight afterwards but got stuck in stadium traffic for ages. This meant that we didn't get back to mine until 3.30am 9th August. We had pizza - again - and then bed.

This tour was the most exhausting for me. Firstly because I saw the most shows of any tour during Zooropa. And secondly because of all the travelling it involved, zigzagging across the country from north to south, east to west. Plus inbetween all this I was doing night shifts at work, crazy! Two days after arriving home from Glasgow we were on our way to the next Zooropa port of call, London.

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Craig Fairlie said...

The two gigs at Celtic Park! Wow! I know people who were at them and they say it's the greatest gig ever. Wish i'd been born and then been 15 years older! Absolutely love this blog!