Friday, 7 November 2014

Songs of Innocence is Here!

Well there is a new U2 album out! In fact it's been out for two months and I still haven't got round to doing a review. I don't really know why, well yes, maybe I do know why. I love this album and its content took me by surprise, it's a step back to the early days of the band member's lives, or more specifically Bono's life. There are wonderful songs and the lyrics are back to some of the best ever written. It is a deep and very personal album.

The album is also a grower and that's another reason I haven't done a review yet. It has changed and developed over the weeks in my mind. Now I feel I'm almost at a point to do a review, so expect a post here soon!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Is the New Album Out Yet - No!

More long time no write. There was a little spurt in the New Year when it looked like the PR engine was revving up nicely, a (good) single, Invisible, was released, there were an appearances on TV and radio, even a performance at the Grammys. Then it all went quiet again and we heard the band was working with new producers etc. It all felt very deja vu, how often have we been here before?

So now the questions and answers are:

Is the new album out yet? No.
Is there a date for an album release? No.
Is there any reliable info about the situation? No.
Am I getting sick of all this? Yes.