Saturday, 14 June 2008

1992 April - Zoo TV Ticket Frenzy

This was my first proper U2 Tour and my first stressful scramble for tickets. Jane and I wanted to go to as many shows as possible, and in the end it worked out really well as we got tickets for UK shows in London, Sheffield and Glasgow through Propaganda. It was really easy in those days to get tickets from the fan club. They allowed you two tickets to one show and all you did was fill out a form with what you wanted and send it off and a few weeks later your tickets fell through the letterbox. No jammed up websites or phone lines.

Jane and I shared our Propaganda allocation and as Jeanette was unable to go to the London show so she let us use her allowance. We managed to eventually get tickets for Birmingham through the public sale.

We also decided to go to the opening show of the tour in Paris in May and booked one of those all inclusive trips. So there we were, all set for Zoo TV!

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