Monday, 16 June 2008

1992 June - Zoo TV Sheffield

There was a break of just over two weeks between the UK Zoo TV shows we were attending, which gave us a welcome break from the travelling. The next show we went to was at Sheffield on 17th June. Jane and I arrived there around midday and met up with our friends, I got to meet my penpals Debbi and Jackie for the first time there and I got along especially well with Debbi, who still is a close friend to this day. I also met Julia and Linda, two sisters who were friends of Jane's, it was really nice to know so many people who were also U2 fans.

The weather was really warm and we hung around waiting to see if we could catch the band arriving. It has actually struck me while writing this that the Zoo TV tour was an exceptionally good tour for meetings with Bono, tours since have not been so prolific on the meetings front.

The band arrived at around 5.30pm but only Bono came out to meet the fans. He wasn't as lively as at Birmingham but still very warm and friendly. I got my Even Better Than the Real Thing CD signed. I wa sgetting more confident about talking to him and I asked,

"What's happening about Sellafield Bono?" I'd heard that an injunction had been obtained by British Nuclear Fuel Limited to stop the protest on it's land.

Bono paused and then said, "It's getting really messy."

Jane pushed a little more and said that we were thinking of going but weren't sure whether it would happen or not, but Bono didn't answer and said no more about it. I realised then that the band were going to be there, Bono couldn't say more, and he stayed silent as he didn't want to lie to us.

Someone passed Bono a packet of Silk Cut cigarettes to sign,

"Ahh, nurses cigarettes," Bono said with a laugh. Someone asked him why he called them that and he laughed and said he didn't know why, but that what they called that brand in Ireland.

All in all Bono was with us for about ten minutes, and once more everyone who was there got what they wanted signed. He was so patient and had a very calm, sincere manner when with fans which tends to stop too much hysteria developing. Once more I must say - he has amazing social skills!

Sheffield Arena was a good venue, it was very new and had loads of toilets for the ladies! Yay! Our seats were about the same as at Birmingham so we had good views of the show. The show was good, but not exceptional, it wasn't as much of a party as Birmingham had been, and nothing stood out to be me as special, but we still enjoyed it.


Unknown said...

Hi There

Nice article. I was there outside Shefield arena too. I was with my friend Kate, and she was the one who asked Bono to sign her silkcut packet. It was sucha long time ago, but I remember it well. I have a few pictures including one of me and Bono.4 Happy memories indeed.


Sue Fell said...

The Silk Cut girl! Small world isn't it? Thanks for your comments.

Blogger said...

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