Sunday, 15 June 2008

1992 May - Zoo TV London - U2? Where?

The first UK show of Zoo TV was at Earl's Court on 31st May. Jane and I arrived there in the morning and met up with our friends, Bee, Karen, Serena and Rosie and others. We spent time catching up with each other and had something to eat. We tried to catch the band arriving but missed them as there is more than one entrance to the venue.

We went into the arena, it was my first visit there and I was very disappointed with the venue. It was large but badly set out and looking tatty. Not that long later I remember hearing about part of the seating collapsing at Earl's Court and I was not surprised! Also, there were hardly any female toilets and it was a lenghty wait when you wanted to go, in the end we just went into the men's!

Our seats were on the floor near the back and as the floor was not raised at all the view was very poor. I can honestly say that because I am quite small I did not see U2 on stage once, I only saw them on the screens, and even they were not on all the time.

Also the audience was not very responsive and it took until well into the concert before they started to get into the show. So these things combined to completely spoil the show for me and it felt like a very different experience from Paris. It was all very disappointing as this was my first UK U2 show.

And just to finish off a bad day we managed to miss the last Tube back to Bee's where Jane and I were staying for the night! Some days are better than others ......

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