Monday, 30 June 2008

1993 July - The Zooropa Album

The Zooropa album was different from other U2 albums. First it came out a mere 20 months after Achtung Baby instead of the usual four years U2 have between albums. The band had songs left over from Achtung Baby and were going home from Zooropa gigs in Europe and working on the album in the early hours. What resulted is an unusual album, that had some wonderful and some throwaway songs on it.

Right from the first listen for me Stay stood out and that song is still a favourite of mine. I also liked the quirky Lemon with some amazing falsetto singing from Bono. Zooropa was very much of the time with lyrics that included lines from current advertisements everyone would recognise. Other songs such as Some Days Are Better Than Others, Baby Face and Numb were, for me, instantly forgettable. Zooropa was no Achtung Baby but it was an interesting experiment, quite raw in places, and a brave album to release.

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